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Amanda Lohrey’s ‘The Labyrinth’ and making things by hand

All the animals at Berlin's Anoha museum are handmade from recycled objects by various Berlin artists The cure for many ills, noted Jung, is to build something, and this is the epigraph and theme of Amanda Lohrey’s atmospheric novel, The Labyrinth (Text). It’s my second read by a Tassie author this month and further proof… Continue reading Amanda Lohrey’s ‘The Labyrinth’ and making things by hand

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Reading, watching, listening

The City Kino in Wedding Reading is what fuels my writing, and possibly since deleting my Twitter account I’ve gotten back into it big time. Here are a few books I’ve adored recently.How to End a Story by Helen GarnerOof. Helen Garner’s account of her marriage breakdown to 'V'. Beautiful writing, as always, and so… Continue reading Reading, watching, listening

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Berlin’s Bauhaus architecture

Tautes Heim on the UNESCO-listed Horseshoe Estate in Neukolln, Berlin One of the best ways to appreciate the impact of the Bauhaus School is to wander the streets of Berlin and see the work its members and their contemporaries left behind. Founded in Weimar in 1919 and ending in Berlin with the rise of National… Continue reading Berlin’s Bauhaus architecture

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Writing workshop: using place names in your writing

When writing prose, it's easy to get stuck on the mechanics of the story – who is speaking? Was the baby asleep in the last scene? Could it really be dusk already? .... and the writing itself can sometimes feel secondary, just a means of getting your characters from A to B. So turning up… Continue reading Writing workshop: using place names in your writing