Some writing news

Days and nights have blurred here as we never leave the house apart from exercise once a day or to rush in and out of the supermarket. I’m not complaining – given what some people, including the seriously ill, health workers and bereaved families are going through right now, staying home is the easy option. I’m thinking about the future and planting seeds (literally) and talking to people and trying to stay optimistic so that when we are allowed out again I am fit and ready to rejoin what will be an altered world.

But there was some good news a week (or two?) ago – two of my short stories were shortlisted for the 2020 Newcastle Short Story Award 2020, and will be published in the anthology. Still waiting for news on the winners, but last night I recorded an excerpt from one of my stories, The Ibis Bedroom Tree, and you can listen to it, along with stories by other shortlisted writers, on their website.

I also had a personal essay I wrote before the world changed published on the Overland website, about the enduring sway of the books you read as a teenager. And I’m the blogger of the month on the Margaret River Press website. This week, I talked about reading through the fear – that feeling that descends like a suffocating dark blanket, for me often around dusk.